Find a range of reports to help understand the BC Energy Step Code:

    1. General reports
    2. Capacity and market response
    3. Cost
    4. Technical, including the Metrics Research Reports
    5. National

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  • Lessons from the BC Energy Step Code (PDF, 3.5MB)
    • Learn how B.C. became the first North American jurisdiction to create a regulated pathway to net-zero energy-ready buildings
    • Of particular interest to jurisdictions considering a performance-based stepped energy code or a market-transformation model grounded in shared leadership

Capacity and market response


Market Response


  • 2019 BC Energy Step Code Costing Studies Report (PDF, 1.4MB)
    • Examines 10 main studies of the construction cost implications of the BC Energy Step Code to better understand how the studies determined the cost of building to the BC Energy Step Code
    • Makes recommendations for undertaking future research so results are more easily comparable
  • 2021 Addressing the Cost of Efficiency (PDF, 4.3MB)
    • A report by Rob Bernhardt, former CEO of Passive House Canada, examining the cost of energy-efficient buildings from the perspective of policy makers, and owners or developers
  • See also the Metrics Research Reports on this page


Metrics Research Reports

The Metrics Research Report is a comprehensive exploration of the energy, emissions and economic impacts of the BC Energy Step Code. It was originally published in 2017 and updated in 2018.

2018 Edition

2017 Edition


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