This website offers a range of information, tools and resources to help you understand and apply the BC Energy Step Code, both in your community and to your projects.

Here’s an A to Z list of what’s available.

  • About: How the Step Code works
  • Adoption by local governments
    • Find out which local governments are consulting on or have adopted the Step Code in their communities
  • Benefits and trade-offs
  • Builder guides and handbooks
    • Builder and design guides, thermal bridging guide, airtightness guide and more
  • Bulletins
    • Learn about home energy labelling and link to technical bulletins about the Step Code
  • Case studies
    • Learn how and why builders are using the Step Code across B.C.
  • Code and compliance tools
  • Energy advisors
  • Energy modelling
    • Find AIBC-EGBC’s professional practice guidelines for the provision of whole building energy modelling services
  • Events calendar
    • Lists upcoming workshops, courses, conferences and other learning opportunities
  • Implementation tools
    • These include a Step Code brochure, PPT presentations and the Step Code brand handbook, plus the Building a Legacy Toolkit developed by the Community Energy Association
  • Incentive programs
    • Financial incentive programs and other assistance available when building or renovating residential and commercial construction projects
  • Industry resources
    • Learn about the Local Energy Efficiency Partnerships program and LEED’s alternative compliance pathway for Step Code buildings
  • Local government resources
    • Access the local government best practices guide, building officials’ handbook, provincial policy guide and the local government notification forms
  • Northern and rural resources
    • Support for northern and rural communities to adopt the Step Code in their communities, and for builders and trades, too
  • Reports
    • Offers a range of technical and other reports about the BC Energy Step Code and related topics
  • Training opportunities
    • Links to just some of the organizations and training institutions developing programs and courses to teach the skills and strategies needed to build more energy-efficient buildings
  • Videos

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Page last updated: July 29, 2021.